Skincare: Where to start

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There are so many skincare products available, it’s an actual minefield and leaves many confused and buying the wrong products for their skin type.  So what is the best skin care routine and products for you?  It’s the one that A you’re going to use and B is right for YOUR skin type. ‘What do I use and where do I start?” I hear you ask. First and foremost seek advice from a professional skin therapist, they are much more experienced and qualified than your friends, family and that beauty influencer you love so much.  They will be able to guide you and answer any of your questions or concerns.

We offer Free virtual skin consultations to help with any issues you may have.  Before the consultation you will be asked to fill in a health questionnaire and then we can arrange to have a chat about your skin and skin goals.  We can work on a simple yet effective routine for you to use at home and an in salon treatment plan can be put in place to give you even more transformational results.

Nimue Skin Technology is our recommended skin care brand.  Nimue is a cosmeceutical brand that doesn’t work on the skin but within the skin resulting in skin rejuvenation and RESULTS because ultimately that’s what we want right?

The Nimue skin kits have everything you need to get started without a large investment and have just enough products to last you 4-5 weeks so enough time for you to start seeing actual results. 

Here is a little peek inside one of the kits.  There are 4 available and we will decide what kit is best suited to your skin by the end of your consultation. Skin kits are available for all skin concerns such as rosacea, acne and pigmentation and are priced at £55.

Each Kit contains travel sizes of:

Cleansing Gel


Exfoliating Enzyme

Day Cream

Night Cream


So are you ready for your best skin yet?  Well what are you waiting for! Get in touch to find out more about Nimue and to book your free skin consultation.

Lots of love

Donna x

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