4 Self Care Practices To Enjoy

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Hello! And welcome to my first ever blog post.

I am super excited to launch my website and blog and cannot wait to share some self-care rituals and beauty goodness to help you feel your best self.

I’m going to be really honest here and this might come as a bit of a surprise to some but I actually felt a little lost in the beauty industry for so long. I’m not a high maintenance girl that has her nails and eyebrows ‘on fleek’ everyday and for a while I found it really difficult to find my place in the beauty world but now I feel I’ve finally found it. It’s not come easy though. It’s taken three beauty business attempts, a break from the industry all together and having two daughters to finally realise that I’m enough and my ideas and vision are not too woo woo for everyone.

How did I do it? Self-care, Self-love and some positive self talk. To show up as your best self you need to take care of yourself, mind, body and soul. In all honesty, I was so fed up feeling rubbish about myself and I certainly didn’t want my girls seeing their mummy feeling rubbish so I delved deep, got really honest with myself and made some small but impactful changes, queue daily habits and self care practice. So what is self care? It’s anything that brings you a little peace, a little joy and makes you a little happier than yesterday. It’s just looking after yourself.

Here are my 4 self care practices that I enjoy:

1. Walks

We all know exercise is good for the soul and body and it’s something I do every day in life. It’s easy to go for a long walk, pop the headphones in and block the world out, which is totally fine but if I’m at the beach I like to take my headphones out and be really present in that moment. Listening to the waves, hearing the crunch of the shells under my feet and taking in the views makes me feel truly grateful.

2. Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations can help you overcome negative thoughts and are proven methods of self improvement because of their ability to rewire our brains. You are what you think after all. A simple affirmation such as “I am enough’ is so simple yet effective.

3. Delegate

So I have an ironing lady. I fill up a big Ikea bag, she takes it away and brings our clothes back the next day ironed, neatly folded or on hangers. Is this lazy? NO! Does this make my life easier? YES! Honestly I can’t think of anything worse than standing for 2 hours ironing. If I delegate this one household task it frees up time for me to do other things in the house or have some family time without worrying about the ironing pile that is growing arms and legs. Delegate, delegate, delegate in the name of sanity and self care.

4. Pamper days

Bubble bath, candles and face masks… it sounds like a total cliche self care act however it’s one of my favourite things to do. There is no better feeling than chilling in a hot bubble bath, with candles, a good book and your face mask on working its magic.

To start you off on your path to self love why not have a look at our treatment menu and find a new treatment to enjoy? Massage or a skin treatment maybe? What better way to start your selfcare journey.

Lots of love

Donna x

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